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  • Four sets of electric hose winches (ABS certificate) were shipped to Weihai Merchants Jinling Shipyard!
    Electric hose winch is currently the most cost-effective hose winch program, relative to the hydraulic series of hose winches, electric hose winch weight and transportation costs are more advantageous, and more importantly, the electric hose winch in some special working environment, electric power as the basis for driving energy, you can complete most of the daily operations, while the low noise is also one of the most highlights of the existence.
  • Two 500kN hydraulic winches shipped to Longhe Shipyard
    Hydraulic winch is a hot product in the marine industry, and is currently the best solution to outlaw diesel winches.
  • Two 75kN  hydraulic cable winch​es were shipped to Huatai Shipyard!
    Hydraulic cable winch is commonly used in cargo ships, because of its unique operating environment, will choose hydraulic as the first energy driving force, corresponding to the hydraulic pump supporting solutions.
  • 4-inch hose winch and pump shipped to Jiangsu Dazin
    This hose winch order contains winch, hose, pump, belongs to a whole set of customized marine machinery and equipment.
  • A full set of 73mm electric anchor chain combination machine has been sent to Longhe Shipyard.
    The 73mm electric anchor chain assembling machine sent to Longhe Shipyard is designed and manufactured after online communication to realize the operational requirements, and finally confirmed to be tested and qualified for shipment.
  • Two sets of 6-inch 75kn electric hose winches were shipped to Jiangsu Dazu Shipyard for assembly completion!
    The hose winches sent to Jiangsu Dazu Shipyard have 2 sets of 6-inch 75kn electric hose winches, all of which are designed and manufactured after communicating online to realize the operational requirements, with a duration of three months, and finally confirmed to be tested and qualified for shipment.
  • The hose winch is shipping again!
    Hose winch is currently the industry winch in the top of the technology, as a new type of technology requires more mature factories to achieve customized needs of the solution.
  • Two sets of hydraulic pump stations shipped to Runyan Shipyard
    This is the order of TaiXing Expansion Marine Equipment Co., Ltd., (EME) and domestic Runyang Shipyard, domestic Runyang Shipyard is engaged in shipbuilding industry for a long time processing plant, owns a variety of qualifications and certificates, and is more famous in the industry.
  • Two sets of 260kn electric frequency conversion positioning winches were shipped to China Merchants Heavy Industry!
    The 260kn electric inverter positioning winch is driven by electricity as the energy source, this drive operating power is limited, the advantage is that it is easier to realize the operating drive capacity.
  • The hose winch for platform Ouyang 7 was shipped to Jiangsu Dazu Heavy Industry!
    Hose winch is currently the industry winch in the top of the technology, as a new type of technology requires a more mature factory to achieve customized demand for solutions.
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