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Zhoushan COSCO SHIPPING Heavy Industry completed the world's first and largest LNG dual-fuel powered container ship repair

Zhoushan COSCO SHIPPING Heavy Industry completed the world's first and largest LNG dual-fuel powered container ship repair

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Recently, Zhoushan COSCO Shipping Heavy Industry successfully completed the repair task of CMA CGM LOUVRE, the super-large LNG dual-fuel powered container ship of CMA CGM. This repair is the world's first "Warm Gas Condition" for the largest LNG dual-fuel powered container ship, marking a key and substantial step for the company in the field of new energy ship repair, and fully opening the company's LNG The new chapter of dual-fuel power ship repair and modification has further consolidated the company's strength in the field of new energy ship repair and modification.

"CMA CGM LOUVRE" is an LNG dual-fuel powered 23,000TEU container ship with a length of 400 meters and a width of 61.3 meters. It is equipped with the WinGD dual-fuel main engine independently developed by China. The LNG fuel tank reaches 18,600 cubic meters, which is the largest container in the world. LNG dual-fuel powered container ship.

The "CMA CGM LOUVRE" ship entered the factory to repair the LNG fuel tank this time in the Warm Gas Condition state, with high safety control requirements and a tight repair schedule. The company attaches great importance to special seminars, overall planning, scientific deployment and reasonable arrangements by the general management team, and formulates detailed construction plans and special safety plans to ensure the smooth construction of the project.

Before the ship entered the factory, all members of the general management team and construction personnel conducted special HSE safety training. During the boarding period, the construction personnel carry gas detectors, wear anti-static clothing when entering the dangerous area, fully protect themselves, and provide isolation protection and warning signs for all dangerous areas on the ship.

At the same time, the general management team also actively communicated and cooperated with the ship, carried out all-weather uninterrupted inspection of the condition of the LNG fuel tank and pipeline, and regularly inspected the grounding resistance of the ship to ensure that the ship could carry out various repair projects in a safe state. .

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During the docking repair, the general management team planned the construction process rationally around the main line project, made full use of the lifting resources, strictly controlled the safety and quality, successfully completed all the repair tasks of the ship, undocked and sailed ahead of schedule, and won the high recognition and praise of the shipowner. .

In recent years, Zhoushan COSCO SHIPPING Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. has always implemented the concept of green and new development, kept a close eye on the development opportunities of new energy such as LNG and hydrogen energy, and devoted itself to building a new energy ship repair and building base project, and built a constant temperature and humidity workshop. "Ship Repair and Construction Technology" successively passed the assessment and audit of GTT, BVS and CCS. In 2021, the company has successively completed the repair and refit projects of LPG ships "Fabinong" and "Bering", accumulating rich technical and on-site management experience for the repair of new energy ships.

The successful repair of the "CMA CGM LOUVRE" not only enriched the repair and modification product chain of the company's high-tech, high value-added "double-high" projects, but also laid a solid foundation for the subsequent repair of more LNG, LPG and other new energy ships. solid foundation.

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