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China Shipbuilding Group 1st Anniversary.

China Shipbuilding Group 1st Anniversary.

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On November 26,2019, China Shipping Group Co., Ltd. was formally established. Over the past year, under the strong leadership of the CPC Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core, the China Shipbuilding Group has thoroughly studied and implemented General Secretary Xi Jinping's important instructions, resolutely fulfilled its primary responsibility of strengthening the armed forces, developed and strengthened its main industry, continuously enhanced its capacity for independent innovation, continuously strengthened its management system and management capacity-building, forge ahead, be brave in the first place, and speed up the construction of a world-class ship group.

Strengthening Strategic Leadership towards World-class Ship Group

The outline and the eyes from the Zhang, hold this and the end since. In order to carry out the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping, better fulfill the mission tasks entrusted by the state, carry out the national strategic plan, seize the development opportunities, and push the group companies and member units to take the road of high quality development, the Party Group of China Shipbuilding Group has put forward the outline of China Shipbuilding Group Co., Ltd's high quality development strategy (detailed review).

The strategic outline states that the enterprise mission of China Shipbuilding Group is to "lead the development of the industry, support national defense construction and serve the national strategy ", and the industrial direction is" marine defense equipment industry, marine engineering equipment industry, science and technology application industry, ship and sea service industry ".

 The release of the Strategic Outline has further unified the thinking of the vast number of cadres and workers of the China Shipbuilding Group, inspired the sense of mission and responsibility of all, strengthened the cohesion of all, guided the group companies to carry out in depth the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important instructions, set strategic goals, maintain strategic determination, forge ahead, strive for the first place, work hard, do business, and unswervingly advance towards the goal of building a world-class ship group.

Major Progress in the Development and Delivery of Military Equipment

As the main force in the construction of naval weapons and equipment in China, the China Shipping Group has thoroughly implemented Xi Jinping's idea of strengthening the army, insisted on the outstanding core of military industry, resolutely fulfilled the first responsibility of strengthening the army, and completed all tasks of military research and production on schedule. Strive to build a world-class navy to provide first-class equipment and service support.


On the afternoon of December 17,2019, China's first domestic aircraft carrier, Shandong, was delivered to the Navy at a military port in Sanya, Hainan. On the same day, the Chinese Shipping Group and the Navy of the Chinese people's Liberation Army held a signing ceremony for Shandong ships in Sanya. The naval equipment department and the receiving force, through the whole process follow-up inspection, the whole process quality supervision and acceptance check, generally believe that the technical performance indexes of major equipment such as hull and ship installation, power system, power system, ship support system, aviation support system, combat system and formation operation command system of Shandong ship meet the requirements of technical specifications and test outline, and the construction quality meets the design index. The tens of millions of parts and components of Shandong ship all adopt domestic products, and realize complete independent design, independent construction and independent matching.


January 12,2020, the Chinese People's Liberation Army Navy Type 055 destroyer Nanchang ship integration ceremony at a military port in Qingdao. Nanchang Ship is the first of the 055 million-ton destroyers independently developed in China. Designed by China Shipbuilding Group 701 Research Institute and built by China Shipbuilding Jiangnan Shipbuilding (Group) Co., Ltd., Nanchang Ship has broken through a series of key technologies, such as overall design, information integration assembly construction and so on. It is equipped with new types of anti-aircraft, anti-missile, anti-ship and anti-submarine weapons and has strong information perception, anti-aircraft anti-missile and anti-sea strike capability. The entry of Nanchang ship marks the leap from the third generation to the fourth generation of naval destroyers.


On the eve of August 1, Chairman of the Central Military Commission, Xi Jinping, To the Navy "Peace Ark" hospital ship first class credit. "Peace Ark" hospital ship by China Shipbuilding Group 708 R & D design, China Shipbuilding International Limited, With over 300 fixed beds, Seven medical offices, Eight nurse stations, Eight clean operating rooms, All kinds of diagnosis and treatment departments 18; With over 200 medical devices, With ocean-going life-saving ability, various rescue means, complete medical facilities, advanced supporting equipment, the selection of medical personnel with the boat superb medical skills, It is the only large professional hospital ship in the world specially built for marine medical rescue.

Strengthening the Industrial Structure of Main Industry

In the past year, China Shipbuilding Group has aimed at the goal of world-class ship group, unswervingly developed and strengthened the main industry, continuously expanded to the high end of the industrial chain and value chain, and continuously optimized the industrial structure.

In the shipping industry, China Shipping Group to increase market development, Strengthening production planning management, New orders and completed delivery have achieved remarkable results. On 22 April this year, China Shipbuilding Group and Qatar Petroleum Company signed the "China ship-Qatar oil liquefied natural gas (LNG) ship construction project" agreement, The total amount of the order involved is more than 20 billion yuan. This is the largest shipbuilding export order undertaken by Chinese shipping companies so far. On 22 September this year, China Shipbuilding Group built the world's first 23000 TEU dual fuel power container ship ," Dafeyak Sad ", for France's Dafey Shipping Group, named and delivered at Shanghai Changxing Island Shipbuilding Base. This year, With global demand for ships and seas falling nearly 50%, China's shipping group went against the trend, New orders, completed delivery and hand-held orders are ranked first in the world shipbuilding group.


As far as the application industry is concerned, China Shipbuilding Group has strengthened its strategic guidance and market orientation, given full play to the driving role of platform companies and business group lead units, and concentrated resources to speed up the development of the application industry. A number of projects, such as wind power equipment, photothermal power generation demonstration projects, floating LNG storage and re-gasification units (LNG—FSRU) demonstration applications, have made landmark progress.

In terms of ship and sea services, China Shipbuilding Group has vigorously developed producer services, made every effort to promote the transformation and development of ship and sea services, continuously enhanced the capacity of service industries, and further focused on the main industries in finance, trade and logistics, and achieved continuous improvement in terms of quantity and quality.

Strengthening the Core Competitiveness of Independent Innovation

Over the past year, China Shipbuilding Group has firmly established the concept of innovation and development, continuously improved the system of scientific and technological innovation, accelerated the key core technologies, made up for the shortcomings of independent and controllable development, made important breakthroughs in scientific and technological innovation, and continuously improved its core competitiveness.


On May 26 this year, the world's largest marine dual-fuel low-speed aircraft WinGD X92DF is officially released to the world by China Shipbuilding Group's Winterthur engine Co., Ltd .(WinGD) independent R & D, Shanghai China Shipbuilding Mitsui Shipbuilding Diesel engine Co., Ltd. As the world's largest marine dual-fuel low-speed machine, WinGD X92DF set super power, intelligent control, green environmental protection in one, with excellent performance and emission indicators to lead the world's same type of engine. According to the principle of Otto cycle and low pressure gas intake technology, the low speed machine meets the most stringent IMO Tier III emission standards.

On November 10 this year, China's first large cruise ship ushered in a milestone node in China's outer bridge shipbuilding, and moved into a new stage of continuous loading and assembly in the dock. This marks the Chinese ship group in the field of large cruise ships to achieve a major leap from detailed design, production design to the actual ship assembly, but also marks the Chinese ship industry in the "crown of the last pearl" journey took a solid step. According to the plan, China's first large cruise ship will be docked in the first half of 2023 and delivered within 2023.


On the same day, the "striver" manned submersible developed by China Shipbuilding Group successfully sat at the bottom of 10909 meters of the Mariana trench, realizing the first million-meter breakthrough in China's manned deep diving. The Endeavour manned submersible, weighing about 36 tons, has a diameter of 1.8 meters and carries three people. It is the first important equipment in China with the capability of manned entry into the global sea area. During the development period, China Shipbuilding Group has always adhered to independent design, independent manufacturing, independent control of key core technologies, and achieved major breakthroughs in the design and calculation methods, basic materials, construction technology, communication control, energy power and other technical fields. According to the relevant regulations of the state, the localization rate of the "striver" number exceeds 96.5.

The effect of comprehensive deepening reform, reorganization and integration gradually

Over the past year, China Shipbuilding Group has insisted on comprehensively deepening reform, firmly advancing the key work of reform and innovation, focusing on strengthening the management system and management capacity building, and promoting the gradual emergence of the effect of reorganization and integration.

The number of new headquarters departments has been reduced by 18.2 per cent and the staffing establishment has been reduced by more than one third; the number of directly managed enterprises and institutions has been reduced from 147 at the beginning of the merger to 113, and specialized reorganization of trade, materials, investment, finance and media has been completed.

According to the attributes of the central enterprises of military industry and the characteristics of each industry direction, China Shipbuilding Group, on the basis of establishing the management structure of parent-subsidiary companies, implements differential control for different industries :" strategic operation "mode for defense industry and ship-sea industry. The head office of the group company plays the role of top-level traction, overall coordination and unified management, and promotes the member units to form a.

China Shipbuilding Group is actively carrying out the "Action to Improve the Management of the Standard World First Class" and the "Special Action to Improve Quality and Efficiency ", vigorously implementing the" Cost Project ", strengthening the administration of enterprises according to law and operating in compliance with regulations, and continuously improving the standardization and scientific level of enterprise management.

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